Revolutionary ‘Double-Top’ Technology


Traditional aesthetics meet 21st Century technology


Rathbone ‘Double-Top’ acoustics offer you a unique and exciting new playing experience.

So, what exactly are Double-Top models?

Rathbone Double-Tops feature a technologically advanced soundboard made of two super-thin layers of tonewood with a carbon fibre lattice in-between.

Although far from common, the use of double-tops has been most prevalent in the construction of Classical Guitars, in particular those instruments created by master luthiers, Gernot Wagner and Matthias Dammann. (These luthiers are not affiliated with Rathbone Guitars, but must be given due credit for their remarkable innovation).
Given their primary reliance upon natural volume and projection, adding a Double-Top to a Classical Guitar to add soundboard strength and stiffness and therefore increase volume and resonance has been widely hailed. The use of this technology on steel-string acoustics is, however, relatively unusual.

Rathbone Guitars are pleased to bring you the benefits of Double-Top technology on Acoustic, steel string guitars. 


 Rathbobne Double-Top Acoustic Guitar


The fact that their construction features not-one, but three layers of soundboard material, mean they’re significantly stiffer whilst remaining a little thinner overall. Herein lies the magic of the Rathbone Double-Top!

By crafting the guitar top to the optimal level of stiffness, a remarkable amount of tonal resonance is achieved. The soundboard becomes balanced, ultra-responsive, dynamic and voluminous through a greater control over each frequency range and how they interact with one another. Low-end frequencies remain measured and don’t dominate or cloud the mids and highs, instead allowing space for single notes to shine with excellent clarity.  


Rathbobne Double-Top Acoustic Guitar


This opens-up new tonal opportunities that reward a broad spectrum of styles. So, whether you’re a fingerpicker or strummer, you’re guaranteed to love the expression and power of Rathbone Double-Tops.

“A really unique construction method… there’s a lot of low-end warmth and breadth but still enough sensitivity and projection for fingerstyle and single note playing. The playability is as good as I’ve ever felt on a Taylor guitar!” GUITAR INTERACTIVE MAGAZINE

Much like a ‘Resto Mod’ – a beautiful vintage car with a modern and efficient engine tucked discreetly under the bonnet – Rathbone Double-Top models let you enjoy the best of both worlds with guitars that exude a traditional aesthetic with the benefit of a strong tonal core that resonates like no other.

So now you can experience the brilliant Double-Tops for yourself thanks to Rathbone’s application of this 21st Century technology.